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Genesis Pro Painting Company In Chappaqua

Genesis Pro painters in Chappaqua believes their work reflects who they are.Genesis pro painting in last few years is one of the fastest growing painting company in the Chappaqua,New York.Genesis Pro Painting in Chappaqua has the following traits:

Ensures that the painting is done right the first time
They make sure to do a good and thorough job the first time they undertake a painting job so that there is no extra expense in the future.

Is safety conscious
They are accustomed to climbing ladders and inhalation risks. They carry insurance which covers them in the case of any incident or accident.

Is trained to deal with lead-based paint
When walls are scraped or sanded during surface preparation, lead-based paints become airborne. When this is inhaled, it causes health hazards. Licensed painters are trained to deal with lead-based paints, protecting you, your family and his workers from such health risks.

Is efficient
They will never make mistakes like using inappropriate materials to do the job, overbooking their crew or even working in unfavorable weather just to complete a job.

Is experienced and certified
They know through experience and training the exact procedure that needs to be followed and what comes next. If a step is missed, they know the consequences and how to fix it as well.

Is punctual
They know how long a particular paint job should take and ensure that deadlines are met. They arrive on the job at the specified time and leave on time.

Instead of risking your health and that of your family members, it is always better to hire genesis pro painting company. Moreover, a good paint job also increases the curb appeal of your property.Genesis pro painting also offers more community services.One of the example of the service they provide is Paint It Forward Charity.Winners of the charity are awarded with cash prices.