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What Determines From The Drive-in Depth of Earth Rods?

Basically, it comes down to the ground, how far the ground rod can spend in the ground. Are the objects to be protected in an area to be found in the light soils are – preferably in coastal areas or areas with very wet floors – you can achieve a penetration depth of 30 to 40 meters to the tiefenerder. If your object in a region which has very hard ground, the maximum insertion depth of the earth rods will lie just above 10 meters.The soil should not be drilled out, but by the earth rod comes a displacement process.

This ensures that in the field of earth rods the soil is compacted and it gets an excellent electrical contact to its surroundings. Fashion in heavy ground conditions, a ground rod with an outer diameter of 25 millimeters is used to, because it has the larger displacement at the ground. This Dimension is a maximum insertion depth and optimum Erdverdrängung. To generate for your customers and be perfect object to be protected protection values.

Challenge us and pick up the phone if you have further questions for earth rods and the necessary impact tools – have – for example, Hammer towers where the striker is suspended.