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Adipose Removal Through Suction

Cosmetic surgery seattle vary from just applying makeup in the morning to receiving lipo to remove unsightly fat from various sites across the body. Liposuction is a procedure that is often criticized as being unnecessary and potentially dangerous for the person it is performed on. The larger the volume of fat removed in a single session, the more dangerous it can become. The outer limit of this amount is considered to be about 5 liters, or just over a gallon of fat. For more information about cosmetic surgery seattle visit

That is a lot of fat in consideration of the volume of the human body. Understanding the nature of fat might provide a better knowledge of why this procedure can be risky. Actually, there is often less than a one in one hundred chance of any complications from the surgery itself. The risks are from permanent loss of fat cells without changing diet and exercise patterns that caused the enlargement of it in the first place.

Fat does not multiply, nor are there new fat cells created after an adult reaches maturity. What occurs with these cells that make people more or less fat is the storage of carbohydrates and undigested fats in the fat cells. Fat cells are called adipose. Changing to eating foods that are lower in refined sugars and fats will help slim down adipose without requiring it to be removed surgically. For some individuals though, the surgical removal of their adipose and fat cells is the best hope they will have at health and beauty.